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Minnesota State Income Tax

Minnesota state tax basis is the Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Interest/Divident Income: Interest and Divident income from U.S. government bonds are exempt from State Taxes.

Rent Income: Sale of farm property is exempt if insolvent at time of sale.

Capital Gain: Same as federal, except for farm property.

Unemployment Income: Same as federal

Social Security Benefits: Same as federal

State Bond Interest: Taxable except Minnesota obligations

Health Savings Accounts: Same as federal.

Disability: Same as federal.

Lottery: Same as federal.

Federal Income Tax: Not deductible.

Other Taxes: Deductions for lower-income elderly or disabled, portion of K-12 school expenses, charitable contributions over $500, compensation to National Guard members and reservists for active services in Minnesota, federal active duty military pay received for services outside of Minnesota, qualified organ donor expenses, amount claimed for federal small ethanol producer credit, taxes to a subnational level of a foreign country other than Canada, and certain income from investments or business operations in a Job Opportunity Building zone.

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