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Montana State Income Tax

Montana state tax basis is the Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Interest/Divident Income: Interest and Divident income from U.S. government bonds are exempt from State Taxes.

Rent Income: Deduction for certain land sales to beginning farmers. State net

Capital Gain: 40% exclusion for installment sales entered into before 1987.

Unemployment Income: Unemployment income is exempt from state taxes.

Social Security Benefits: Separate state calculation of taxable amount

State Bond Interest: Taxable except Montana obligations

Health Savings Accounts: Taxable except Nebraska or its subdivisions' obligations

Disability: Up to $5,200 excluded

Lottery: Taxable.

Federal Income Tax: Up to $5,000 ($10,000 M-J) deductible as itemized deduction

Other Taxes: Tip income excluded. Certain exemptions for MSA contributions

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